How It Works
On Hold Gold Marketing will work with you to develop, produce and implement effective marketing announcements to your callers on hold. We've combined the best creative talent in the industry. Our services include complete customized scriptwriting, professional male and female voice talent, and an enormous choice of licensed music styles.

Our scriptwriters will work with you to develop engaging audio messages that
are unique to your business and clearly communicate your message. Each
message is suited to your current market conditions, advertising campaigns,
buying seasons, competition and more. On Hold Gold Marketing provides you
with a number of options to frequently change your marketing messages,
including monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual updates.

Your audio messages are produced in one of our "In-house" digital recording
studios. Upon completion, your production can be reviewed and proofed in an
automated production approval mailbox. Once you have listened to and
approved your production we will mail it to you, or schedule it for download via
our remote load control system.

From Start to Finish
It all begins when you provide your account representative with an overview of your business.
  1.         Our marketing consultants work with you, your marketing department, and/or your advertising agency to         define your program's objectives and craft a clear message. A brochure, media kit, or a telephone         conversation will help us create your initial marketing script.
  2.         Our scriptwriters then write your script and submit it to you for approval.
  3.         The voice talent you selected will record your audio messages, using the music bed(s) you selected.
  4.         Upon completion, your production can be reviewed and proofed by calling into an automated production         approval mailbox.
  5.         Upon final acceptance your messages are mastered and deployed to your location(s).

Customer Service
On Hold Marketing's customer support team will be an asset to your company, helping you stay ahead of the competition by providing the following customer support services.
  •         Sample script banks - provide you with script development ideas relative to your industry
  •         Fax, email or phone reminders - notify you of when it's time to update your message
  •         Production history report - provides information regarding your message change production information
  •         Production Approval Mailboxes - give you the opportunity to review each message before its deployment
  •         Customer Service Representatives - are always available to answer any questions you may have

Delivering Your Message
On Hold Gold Marketing carries a complete line of digital messaging systems. Our messaging systems are fully compatible with all commercial telephone systems that have music on hold capabilities. These systems are designed to provide your business with superior audio quality and long-term reliability. Your customized audio messages can be loaded to your messaging system via a cassette tape or loaded directly from our studios (via an existing telephone line) using our remote download technology. All of our On Hold messaging systems carry a five-year warranty.
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